Provisioning Dedicated IP's


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Provisioning Dedicated IPs

Your Cerkl Broadcast account can leverage a Dedicated IP address for all of your email messaging. This means all of your Blasts and/or News Digests will be sent to your Audience using a sending IP that is unique to your organization and not shared amongst other Cerkl Broadcast customers. Your Dedicated IP will resolve certain deliverability challenges from within your existing mail client and will help to maintain a strong sender reputation.

Cerkl's Implementation team will provide you with your Dedicated IP during the technical configuration phase of your Broadcast Implementation. This Dedicated IP will be a numerical value that will look something like this:

Allow Lists

Dedicated IP addresses are provisioned by the Cerkl team during account configuration. Once your organization’s address is reserved, someone from your network security team will be required to add that IP address to your network’s allow lists to make sure emails from Broadcast are trusted by your servers.

Reverse DNS

When Cerkl provisions a dedicated IP address for your account, we will also provide you with a reverse DNS (rDNS) setup. rDNS provides an added layer of security by proving to your servers that your Broadcast emails are indeed coming from your dedicated Broadcast IP address via reverse lookup. Reverse lookups are commonly used by email servers. Email servers check and see if an email message came from a valid server before bringing it onto their network.

To configure your rDNS the Cerkl Implementation team will provide you with an A record that needs to be added to your network’s DNS configuration. This A record (Address Record) will point your domain or subdomain to your provisioned Dedicated IP address. Below is an example of the information that will be provided & will need to be added to your DNS to successfully validate the connection:

  • Type: A
  • Host:
  • Value:

Once you've applied this A record to your DNS, please notify your Cerkl Implementation Team as they will be required to validate the successful application of this record from within SendGrid, our sending provider.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach to our team via email or use the chat support in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.
Provisioning Dedicated IPsAllow ListsReverse DNS