JSON Segments


This section will help you to understand the JSON segments and how to utilize them.


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This field is for passing distribution lists pre-generated by you in your systems. The data is structured as the JSON representation of all the segments and their IDs to which the employee belongs. The employee is updated to belong to the supplied segments and removed from all others within Cerkl that are managed through this file upload process.  The ID must be unique across all integrated systems and care must be taken if more than one system is integrated to sync segments to Cerkl.  It is recommended that the segment’s unique ID is prefixed with the system that it is coming from, e.g. AD_ for Active Directory, W_ for Workday, etc.  This allows all integrated systems to manage their segments without colliding with segments managed by other integrated systems.


The basic structure is shown below:

[{"id":"W_1","name":"Segment 1"}, {"id":"W_2","name":"Segment 2"}]

A data example:

[{“id”:”1”, “name”:”first segment”}, {“id”:”2”,“name”:”second segment”}]

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