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Displaying images in emails sent from Cerkl Broadcast is important both for having well designed, engaging communications and to ensure proper metric tracking for email open events.


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Network Security Expert
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Why is viewing images in emails important?

  1. The Cerkl Broadcast system uses the downloading of images in an email to register an Open event, meaning if the images are never downloaded and nothing in the email is clicked, there will be no tracking that the subscriber ever opened the email in question.
  2. Images are part of the overall design of an email, without having them loaded it can lead to subscribers either missing important information or being overall less trusting of the source of the email.

Automatic Image Downloading in Outlook

To ensure emails containing images sent from Cerkl Broadcast are automatically downloaded within your Subscribers' inbox, have your technical team configure your email provider and corresponding admin systems to allow "Auto Download of Images" via "Safe Senders" lists.

This can potentially be accomplished by manipulating the "Safe Senders" list on each individual subscribers Outlook account to include either the overall company domain or specific email addresses that your communicators will be sending from, either by managing group policy pushes to individual machines or including these safe senders in the in the image for each new subscribers configuration.

Also, at the company level, in order to avoid applying this changes individually in each of the employee's PCs, the IT team can apply a Group Policy, in case the email client is Outlook, some resources in this area can be found here.

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Why is viewing images in emails important?Automatic Image Downloading in Outlook