Manual CSV Uploads


The Cerkl Broadcast system allows uploading of CSV files to create a Manual Segment. These Segments are mostly used for unique audiences that cannot be captured using employee attributes.


This is an approximation based on average time spend for existing Cerkl Broadcast clients.


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Importing Audience

Detailed information on how to import your audience, can be found here.

Manual Segments/Lists

Though the Broadcast systems Dynamic Segment system enables communicators to create their own dynamic lists to send to via subscriber attributes, there will always be a need to upload static manual lists. A simple one column CSV of valid email addresses is all that’s required, allowing the communicator to quickly create a target audience for a one off communication, or to a disparate group not easily targetable by subscriber attributes.

Detailed information on how to create segments and lists, can be found here.

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Importing AudienceManual Segments/Lists